Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
Saskatoon, SK Canada
Teachings of Church Fathers

Elder Cleopa- "Do not do anything witout signing yourself with the Cross! When you depart on a journey, when you begin your work, when you go to study, when you are alone, and when you are with other people, seal yourself with the Holy Cross on your forehead, your body, your chest, your heart, your lips, your eyes, your ears. All of you should be sealed with the sign of Christ's victory over hell. Then you will no longer be afraid of charms, evil spirits, or scorcery, because these are dissolved by the power of the Cross, like wax before a fire and like dust before the wind."       

St. Nikon of Optina- "We must consider all evil things, even the passions which war against us, to be not our own, but of our enemy the devil. This is very important. You can only conquer a passion a passion when you do not consider it as a part of you."   

Fr. Seraphim Rose- "The conditions of the world today are quite different from what they were in the past. The whole phenomenon of the apostasy, of falling away from the truth, means that people do not know how to accept the Gospel freshly. They have heard about it and have been innoculated against it. Therefore, very few of them, when they hear the message of Orthodoxy, come"




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